AOTEC is a professional business association which aim is the representation, impulse, coordination and protection of the local telecommunications operators. Being the only national association on this field and assembling more than 150 companies.


Since it was established in 2002, the association works to develop the local operator image, on the conviction that these companies are the key to develop the local economy as active agents to digitalize the country and generate wealth and employment.

AOTEC gives voice to a sector big enough, composed of more than 1,100 small companies around the country, in order to create over 7,600 direct jobs. Due to the high technological level, lines coverage, and employment creation, the importance of the companies group is comparable to some national operators.


Due to the power of the sector regulations, the association has been the first entity, within the telecommunications field, that signed up for the CNMC lobbyists register. Moreover, it makes proposals to face the regulation of projects, the enquiries and other actions in order to protect the local operator.

AOTEC’s aim is to become a national and European mentor in the field of Local Operators of Telecommunications in Spain.


The association mission can be summarised by the following aspects:

  • We have a permanent dialogue with the central Government and the National Market and Competence Commission (CNMC), as well as other institutions.
  • We work to achieve that the local operator particularities were in accordance with laws, regulations and the rest of normative regulating the activity in this field.
  • We make improvement proposals in order to encourage the whole telecommunications Market.
  • We work to solve the lack of knowledge around the local operator image.
  • We offer technique, accounting and legal advice, we provide information on the sector trends.
  • We act as a valid interlocutor facing any network deployment.
  • We come to advantageous agreements with products and services suppliers to benefit the members.
  • • The association is a forum of meeting and discussion about the telecommunications future in Spain.

The sector is immersed in a huge technological transformation of its networks. Innovations accompanied by important investments making possible the migration towards the New Generation Networks (FTTH ‐ Fibre to the Home) and Quadruple Play services