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National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Internet Services

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Stronger Together

AOTEC’s aim is to defend the telecommunications local operators’ interests.

Bring together the sector is a priority; together we become stronger.


We act to make the telecommunications SMEs needs count, and they could keep growing and being competitive.


We transmit the local operator voice to the local Government and the CNMC in order to make relevant the sector features regarding the normative.


We have collaborative networks and we have been the first telecommunications entity of signing up for the CNMC lobbies register.


We make agreements with suppliers to get exclusive advantageous conditions for the members.

Which are the advantages of being a membership?

 Our stuff is exclusively dedicated to protect the local operator interests.

 We have an active approach when dealing with administrations (working meetings, presentations, etc.).

 We are able to make proposals facing the Regulator consults and, inform about the normative changes and their consequences.

 We collect general information about the sector.

 The entrepreneur is provided with all the advances and the latest technologies, services and interesting contents by the AOTEC Technological Fair.

Member Services

Enjoy all the benefits


Enjoy all the benefits of membership


On these videos we collect the best of the latest editions of the AOTEC Fair